The Old School Cheesery Ltd.

Artisan Cheese

Current Products

Cheese Curds

We have daily fresh cheese curds made from pasteurized locally produced cow's milk. Natural ingredients are used in the flavouring process. The garlic and chipotle are turned into a purée and mixed with the curds. 
Flavours: Regular, Garlic, Dill, Chipotle, BBQ, Black Peppercorn
The curds come in bags of: 250g @ $5.50
                                        500g @ $11.00 

Cheddar Blocks

Our cheese curds are pressed, overnight, in a mold becoming the cheddar blocks. 
Flavours: Mild, Garlic, Dill, Applewood Smoked, Chipotle, Black Peppercorn, we also make a beer(seasonal flavour) cheese.  Vary in sizes and prices (between $7.00 to $15.00) as they are cut by hand.

Snack and Cheese Duo Pack
We partnered with Farmer's Own Meats and, together, we
have combined delicious flavours of pepperoni sticks
(beer sticks) and cheese curds for a little meat and cheese
snack pack of 100g @ $4.50

Canadian Style Brie 

Brie /Camembert made from fresh pasteurized locally produced cow's milk

Soon to be added to the menu 

Brie Cheese

We will be making Brie cheese from our own Goat milk

Chèvre Cheese

We will be making a spread-like cheese called Chevre wich will be made from our own goat milk

Feta Cheese

We will be making Feta cheese using our goat milk from our own dairy herd