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Calgary Region 

Amaranth Foods

Amaranth Foods started in 1994 by a young entrepreneur who wanted to build a better world for his family. His passion was creating an inclusive space where everyone's health journey was supported, enabling people to make the same connection: that what you eat impacts the way you feel and how you live.

This now older entrepreneur has since passed his torch to his son and protégé, who continues to inspire the same desire of building a better world not only for his family— but families and communities across Alberta.


Say Cheese Fromagerie

Say Cheese Fromagerie has been serving Calgary and Western Canada the finest products from around the world for over 20 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have a passion for quality food.

Lloydminster region

Need good food locally made delivered to your door... well just click on the link below that will bring you to one of our oldest collaborator ''Lower Shannon Farms''.


Thank you for supporting local.

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