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Chipotle Cheddar

Old School Cheesery Chipotle cheddar is made from freshly grounded chipotle pepper. We use real peppers which give the cheese a smoky sweet and spicy flavour. This cheddar is excellent in quesadilas or baked on a stack of nachos.
  From Vermilion, Alberta, this locally made cheese is sure to become your family favourite.
  Wine Pairings
  Merlo and Chiraz
  Sizes are approximate
  200 g

When forming and hand-cutting natural cheese, pack sizes are approximate.
  While every effort is made to provide the exact size stated (and our cheese packers are very practiced), forming and hand-cutting are not exact sciences.

Order Processing

  For logistical purposes, all orders made from Wednesday PM to Tuesday PM will be processed and shipped on the following Thursday AM.

Chipotle Cheddar

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